Wallpaper Removal Damage
Removing wallpaper can be easy or hard.. really hard. Many times when you remove wallpaper you also take the drywall with it. This can leave your walls unbelievably damaged if the removal is difficult. We have solutions for wallpaper damage and can make your walls look beautiful again. 

Plaster Repair / Removal 
Plaster wall/ceiling repairs must be handled differently than typical drywall repairs, as plaster is installed differently than drywall and uses different materials. Plaster ceiling repairs can be dangerous in some situations if not done properly, due to the weight of the plaster material. This is definitely not a Do-It-Yourself project. 

Roof Leak Repairs
Roofs in Florida take a beating. An unrepaired roof can quickly create a large amount of interior water damage in the event of a bad storm. Leaving you with separated seams, unsightly stains or even collapsed areas of ceiling. Once the roof is repaired our team can fix any damaged drywall in most cases in just one day. With proper tools and prepping material the repair will be seamless/dust free. 

Fire Wall Installation / Repair
A firewall is a fire-resistant barrier used to prevent the spread of fire fore a prescribed period of time.

Noise attenuation is also important, to ensure dwellers are not disturbed by sound from their neighbors. Only licensed contractors can install or repair fire walls, we are the guys for the job.  

Removing Built-Ins

Do you have a built-in for an old box television or those nick nacks just collecting dusts? We can not only remove the built-ins but repair the wall so they look like they were never there. Giving you a nice clean wall for that new modern flat screen television. ​​

AC Leak Repair
Air Conditioning Systems require periodic maintenance. If not maintained properly the AC system cannot drain and water can back up into the system where it hangs or stands. If not taken care of quickly drywall can collapse or mold. Once the system is repaired our team can complete most drywall repairs in just one day.

Remodels / Room Additions

Boost your home's value by updating your kitchen/bath or extending the square footage with an beautiful room addition. Our experienced team of drywall professionals offer you the highest quality, 

most reliable drywall services for remodeling and renovation projects of all sizes. We strive to exceed customer expectations on every project. Read more..

Plumber / Electrician / AC Technician Damage
Electrical, plumbing and AC repairs can leave holes in your drywall. Professional quality finish work and matching the spray texture may be challenging for the do-it-yourselfer. We can have the repairs done quickly and skillfully. We can leave your walls with no trace of a repair having ever been made.


and More!

Drywall Repair    services

Even a small dent or defect in drywall can dramatically impact the appearance of a room. Drywall repair may be a common repair task, but actually obtaining a truly seamless repair job is not common.  Professional finishing work, along with seamless texture matching, requires a truly skilled contractor in All Phases of Drywall Contracting. We can repair your drywall fast, leaving a seamless job with no trace of prior damage. 

Kitchen / Bathroom Soffit Removal
No matter how modern or beautiful your newly remodeled cabinets, low hanging soffits in kitchens and bathrooms can make your home look dated. Removing these soffits can give your home a facelift, making the room appear larger and much more open. Taking the soffit out is the easy part, making it look like it was never there is our job. 

Plumbing Repipes / Reroutes

Having your pipes replaced or rerouted can be a nightmare.  Multiple holes are usually placed throughout the walls in the home. The good news is we can usually close these holes and have them patch and sprayed in one visit. Getting your back to normal quickly without any evidence of repair is our job. 

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
Popcorn is just plain ugly. Popcorn ceilings will dramatically date any home, no matter how updated the interior renovations may be. Not only are they unattractive..they're difficult to repair, hard to clean, and catch dust easily. There are many ways to remove popcorn but in order to obtain a beautiful long lasting ceiling there are corners that can't be cut. Unfortunately, many popcorn removal companies do to save on labor and costs. At All-Phase Drywall we don't cut corners. Read more...

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If it involves drywall there is a good chance we're the guys for the job. 

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Our Services

​​Garage / Lanai Ceiling Repair 

Moisture, Florida humidity and/or poor workmanship over time can damage your garage and/or lanai ceiling. This will cause tape joint separation and texture to peel. Give us a call to remediate the problem and prevent further damage to your home.  Read more.. 

​​​Trade Service Contractors.    

We provide repairs for accidental damage caused by company service technicians. We will work with you and the homeowner to keep both parties happy. Our team is clean and professional.

All-Phase Drywall is state licensed, carries general liability and workman's comp, protecting you and the homeowner. We will represent your business to the highest standards of service. Read more..

Water Damage
Water can severely damage your home or business, leaving you with a huge headache. We can work with your insurance company to get the repairs done in a timely manner.  Let us help you get your home or office back to new. 

Ceiling Repair

Damages to a ceiling are an eyesore and can take away from the overall appearance of any room. Ceiling texture must be applied by a skilled professional to minimize the appearance of the repair. Room lighting will show every flaw. Poor repairs often look worse than the original damage. Ceiling repairs can also be extremely messy if proper prep materials/tools are not used. We offer seamless/dust free ceiling repairs. Read more..